As a Policy Analyst in the Public Service it is important that all facts are accurate and the information is clear and correct when presented to the decision maker. Data Analysis using visuals has its place but sometimes Visuals do not show enough information or may not clearly represent something. Cabinet Decision Items for most Ministries do not use visuals but rather describe the situation clearly and briefly. When presenting information visually as a Policy Analysis it is important to use a persuasive presentation and not manipulate the data or visuals. What is the difference between a persuasive presentation vs using visuals to manipulate?? How do we ensure we aren’t manipulating? Ethical integrity is very important in analysis and presentation and is a requirement for public servants. Leadership rely on the information provided to them to be accurate and unbiased. Clear wording must be used, avoid words that can be interpreted different ways. In the public service major decisions affecting multiple people are made base on the analysis. Data must be clearly defined with clear sourcing. Does the data display show all the accurate information or for just a specific favorable period of time? Be honest show all data, even data that doesn’t fully report your recommendation. The Decision maker must make an informed decision. It is important to learn how your Decision Maker prefers his information some wish for no visuals whatsoever and some are ok with a mixture. Visuals have their place but can’t replace clear data. If making visuals do not just show the positive statistics or the statistics that support your recommendation, but rather show all sides of an issue. Identify other alternatives or explanations for specific data rather than skewing it to support your suggestion. Ethical Policy Analysis means reporting on all of the areas requested not just on areas you wish are reviewed. Ethically it is important all data is provided not hidden when the statistics aren’t favorable.

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